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Body Quirks


Always entertaining, the Steven and Chris show on CBC had an interesting piece on a recent show called Body Quirks Solved.  Nutritionist, Melissa Ramos explained some of the reasons and natural solutions to odd things that happen to us. The first was ghost bruises. Apparently, this may be caused by a lack of vitamin C. So the solution is to supplement with 600ml, three times a day.  Ramos also cautioned, unbeknownst to me, to make sure and take vitamin c with food so it does not make you nauseous.

The next quirk was pins and needles. This is due to poor nerve transition and can be helped with eggs, particularly the yolks. Egg yolks contain lecithin which helps to coat nerve endings. Vitamin B12 can also aid with this, as does more sleep and water. It is also helps in lowering cholesterol.

Eye twitching is often caused by not enough sleep so Ramos suggests magnesium.  Apparently 70 % of the population is deficient. Magnesium has a calming effect and a diet rich in greens provides supplementation.  Again, a caution that too much magnesium works as a laxative.

The next body quirk was dizzy spells, sometimes due to a blood deficiency, low blood pressure or low iron. Licorice was the solution and it will also boost energy, but avoid if you have high blood pressure as it makes it worse.  Vitamin B12 again was a solution.

Cracking knees can by caused by dehydration or calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Ramos says to be sure and supplement with calcium citrate as it works with the metabolic system.  400 – 500 mg supplementation/day is suggested.  Vitamin D also helps to absorb calcium. As always, serious medical issues should be shared with a doctor.

– Kelly


Spring Horses

Just sharing some shots of our equine friends.

Land of Enchantment

It will come as no surprise to those who know us that amongst our recent travels to New Mexico, we found some fantastic eateries. I am not sure how interested this particular blog will be if you are not a foodie but if you are please read on.

Photo 2013-04-20 5 33 09 PM

The Southwest culture is amazing, aptly known as the Land of Enchantment. Some of this undoubtedly due to the extreme difference from where we come from on the Prairies. The desert, the adobe style architecture are just two things that immediately strike you.

The first stop was truly stumbled upon in Santa Fe. Tiny’s was an authentic New Mexican restaurant with local music, and the chile choice of red, green or Christmas. It was also the first meal topped off with sopapillas and honey. Delectable.

Photo 2013-04-21 10 18 29 AM

In Taos, we stayed at the La Fonda Inn, a pueblo style inn on the plaza.
The Cafe Renata was the lunch stop featuring cream of green bean soup. Supper that night was at the popular Doc Martins. Rabbit and rattlesnake sausage was the appetizer followed by two local lamb dishes.

The Taos Diner was the stop for breakfast the next day where I had to have the omelette as it contained cilantro which I have always enjoyed but was particularly liking on this trip. The Diner was a popular spot filed with locals.

Photo 2013-04-21 11 52 48 AM

Then back through Santa Fe to Albuquerque. We have been wanting to try a Brazilian Grill and here was our chance at Tuscanos. There was a major salad bar for carbs and veggies but after that it was a carnivore’s delight. Skewers of differently prepared beef, chicken, turkey, pork were brought to the tables for sampling.

The final night had to be New Mexican themed at Old Town in Albuquerque at La Placitas. Chile relenos, tamales, enchiladas, hot chile and sopapillas made up the meal.
On our way out of town, as luck would have it we stumbled upon a Brew Pub and Restaurant coincidentally by the name of Kelly’s. It was totally cool restaurant that had originally been a Ford dealership. Keeping many of the old features the diner even included a brewing rooms which we got to tour. The brew was great and so was the food.
But what truly stands out among our eating adventures was how great each meal was due in a large part to the absolutely fantastic service. Everywhere we went we were served by the friendliest, most knowledgeable, accommodating and truly nice people. Great, great service. We are going to miss chile at every meal and soon we will be practicing making sopapillas.

– Kelly