Body Quirks


Always entertaining, the Steven and Chris show on CBC had an interesting piece on a recent show called Body Quirks Solved.  Nutritionist, Melissa Ramos explained some of the reasons and natural solutions to odd things that happen to us. The first was ghost bruises. Apparently, this may be caused by a lack of vitamin C. So the solution is to supplement with 600ml, three times a day.  Ramos also cautioned, unbeknownst to me, to make sure and take vitamin c with food so it does not make you nauseous.

The next quirk was pins and needles. This is due to poor nerve transition and can be helped with eggs, particularly the yolks. Egg yolks contain lecithin which helps to coat nerve endings. Vitamin B12 can also aid with this, as does more sleep and water. It is also helps in lowering cholesterol.

Eye twitching is often caused by not enough sleep so Ramos suggests magnesium.  Apparently 70 % of the population is deficient. Magnesium has a calming effect and a diet rich in greens provides supplementation.  Again, a caution that too much magnesium works as a laxative.

The next body quirk was dizzy spells, sometimes due to a blood deficiency, low blood pressure or low iron. Licorice was the solution and it will also boost energy, but avoid if you have high blood pressure as it makes it worse.  Vitamin B12 again was a solution.

Cracking knees can by caused by dehydration or calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Ramos says to be sure and supplement with calcium citrate as it works with the metabolic system.  400 – 500 mg supplementation/day is suggested.  Vitamin D also helps to absorb calcium. As always, serious medical issues should be shared with a doctor.

– Kelly


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