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And So I Did It!

Actually, and so we did it! This was the theme for our 2nd Annual Inspiring Women Conference.

We were fortunate to have Kahla  Buchanan, of Newcap TVas our  Mistress of Ceremonies. Kahla really helped to keep the day on track, which gave us the chance to worry about other details. We appreciate her mastery of timing, holding us to our own schedule, despite the last minute surprises we would spring on her.

It's early, but people arriving at the Registration table look bright eyed and eager to enjoy the day!

It’s early, but people arriving at the Registration table look bright eyed and eager to enjoy the day!

The panel of local women included Amanda Amundrud of The Root, Cathy Merkley of TnC Aplaca Farm and Lynn Manners, outstanding community volunteer. The panel was moderated by Cossette Green from Alberta Works. The women shared their stories of challenges, achievements and inspirations.


Our panel of local women starts the day with messages of encouragement and laughter.

Our panel of local women starts the day with messages of encouragement and laughter.






The three break-out sessions included Grace DeOliveira from NRG4Life, Michelle Charles Gustafson of Your Signature Image, as well as Marya Pettigrew and Janet Paul from the Regional Business Accelerator. Grace motivated us to get moving, even in small ways and to choose something we enjoy. Michelle spoke on Keys to Confidence and shared stories of her journey as business woman, daughter, wife and mom. Marya and Janet presented ideas for Accelerating Yourself in your career and in your life, and had participants write a letter to themselves on some of their aspirations for the upcoming year.

Once again the staff at the Lloydminster Exhibition prepared a wonderful menu for us.  Fantastic food!!

Once again the staff at the Lloydminster Exhibition prepared a wonderful menu for us. Fantastic food!!

Check out those amazing decorations.  A KT and Company specialty!

Check out those amazing decorations. A KT and Company specialty!

This year’s keynote speaker was Michelle Cederberg from Calgary. Michelle talked about the importance of increasing our energy and working toward more balance in the various areas of our lives. She stressed proper eating, exercise, hydration, sleep and time for yourself. Did you know that if you are drinking more than 7 cups of coffee you need to drink twice as much water as the coffee? Michelle is a vibrant, dynamic speaker and she really challenged us to make positive change and to lighten up a little and enjoy life.

The "Quotes Wall" became a hit, with many participants jotting down inspiring quotes they heard throughout the day.

The “Quotes Wall” became a hit, with many participants jotting down inspiring quotes they heard throughout the day.

The conference is a great project for KT & Company.  It allows us to learn, be challenged, network with great people and truly do what we love. We are so excited about the opportunities that are coming our way. And as Terra said in the last post, grateful. So plans are under way for the third conference on February 19, 2014. We have lots of great ideas. Hope you can be part of it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors once again.  Especially Alberta Works for their continued support of this project.  Also sponsoring Lloydminster’s Inspiring Women this year were; The Sask Ministry for the Status of Women, The Lloydminster Source, RBC, To the Core Pilates Studio, Lakeland College, and Manulife Bank.

KT and Company sponsored 5 students to attend the 2013 Inspiring Women Conference.  Clearly, they had a great time!

KT and Company sponsored 5 students to attend the 2013 Inspiring Women Conference. Clearly, they had a great time!

– Kelly






It is with so much gratitude that I am writing this story.

A few years ago, Kelly and I began to develop our ‘wouldn’t it be cool if….’ list.
The list started with ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we started our own blog where we could document the things that happen in our lives’. So we did it.
Then the list evolved into ‘wouldn’t it be cool if people other than our mothers and husbands read this blog’. It wasn’t long before our kids were reading along, and next came people whom we had never met, some from countries we have never been.  Now our writing has grown to the point where we have both had articles published in various agricultural magazines.

The list continued to grow, and soon it included
‘wouldn’t it be cool if someone created

– a local food event in our city’
– an economical Cowgirl Yoga Retreat that we wouldn’t have to haul our horses for hours to attend.’
– a personal and professional day for women in the Lloydminster area.’
So we did that too, but not without a ton of support and encouragement from all of  you!

Insert shameless plug here....

Insert shameless plug here….

On Tuesday, we will host our second annual Inspiring Women Conference, and the enthusiasm is building with each day.

So, here’s the gratitude part.

As we have come up with each new ‘cock-a-mamie’ scheme, we have been met with some looks of uncertainty from our husbands and children. Those uncertain looks however, are soon followed by ‘here is the name of a great speaker for your conference’, or ‘mom can I come to Cowgirl Yoga with you’, or ‘have you checked with John from down the road?  I bet he would want to come to your local food thingy’. And here is my all time personal favourite;  ‘Mom, I feel like such a weirdo, I was reading your blog in a hostel over here in Ireland and I started hysterically laughing out loud. Pretty sure they want me to leave.’

So it’s obvious to both of us that our families support our crazy ideas and they are proud of us. Despite the fact that they roll their eyes and tease us about our “meetings”. We feel so much gratitude to them for the sacrifices and meals that they have to make when we are wrapped up in our latest adventure.


We are so encouraged by the support we receive from our friends. You are the ‘company’ part to KT and Company. It started with close friends encouraging us along with ‘you guys should do that, I would come to that’.
It has now turned into something that really gives us a deep feeling of gratitude for the people who are interested in what we do, and for the great community that we are fortunate to be a part of.
People who don’t know much about us have come forward with support. There have been donations of both time and money, meetings to learn about what we are up to, offers of employment, door prize donations to advertise that their business is involved with and is supporting our event, free advertising and on-air interviews, increasing ticket sales and purchases of corporate tables so that employees can be encouraged to attend and hear the messages that we want to deliver.

It’s kind of like standing in front of a snowplow…..a really wonderfully supportive snowplow. We begin to make a plan, and if we start to lose momentum, there are so many individuals and businesses behind us, believing in us and pushing us forward, that we have no choice but to keep moving ahead.  It’s a great feeling of momentum….a little out of control at times, but still a great feeling.

So we want to take this time to thank you for calling us for more information, for asking ‘how can I be involved?’ and….’what more can I do to help?’ and….’I can’t come then, please change the date.’
For buying tickets and for helping us to spread the word to your boss, your friends, your fitness instructor, your accountant, and your family.
For agreeing to speak, or sponsor, or often times do both!
For helping us to create centerpieces and decorate…even if it’s because you know we have no business trying to do either of those things….
For asking us to include you in ‘whatever’ we do next!

We want you to know that we are so very grateful for your support and we are humbled by your belief in us.

We want to cheer you on as well!  Go out there and pursue your dreams. Make a ‘wouldn’t it be cool’ list and start moving towards your next big thing.
There will be some days where you will meet people who don’t share your dream, and that’s ok.  We have had days like that, but there are many more people who wish you success than those who are indifferent. Move past the indifferent people, and gather energy from your supporters. We are waiting to see what cock-a-mamie scheme you have up your sleeve!

KT and Company – we believe in having fun while learning about and supporting local businesses, talents, products and producers.


Thanks for being our company!

“Dream big and dare to fail”. Norman D. Vaughn

In Training

The past few days have been very sunny here on the Canadian Prairies. Sunny days make us remember that although the rivers are still frozen and the thermometer is still hovering way….WAY below zero degrees Celsius, spring is on its way. More importantly, after spring – it’s summer!

So as this bright sun reveals the beautiful sparkles in the snow, and the radiant blue sky, it reveals some other, less beautiful things as well.

Things like pasty white skin, created by spending the cold grey days inside.
Things like white flabby upper arms.  Though they were once amazing and toned, they now show the effects of watching Duck Dynasty reruns while powering through many bags of chips all winter.  Well OK, maybe it took more than one winter to develop these bingo wings….
Things like thighs that, although still amazing, are taking a bit more arranging than usual to get into those tight little jeans….you know, the ones that used to be my ‘fat pants’.

And so I came to the realization that it was time to stop watching Miss Kay, peel my slightly flabby, but mostly flabulous body off the sofa and get active.

I lack motivation when it comes to exercise, so I decided to find a personal trainer. I didn’t need to look very far…. it turned out that a very effective personal trainer was right nearby.

My friend Wendy introduced me to my personal trainer. He is German. Very very german. From Germany German. He is working on his English, making for a bit of a language barrier to begin with, but while he gets used to the Canadian accent, I have taken the initiative to learn some German as well in an effort to make him like me….and maybe he’ll go a little easy on me when I get tired. 


He is a gorgeous specimen too.  He’s a very muscular brunette with hardly an ounce of fat. He can run at a steady pace all day long and never seems to get tired. He’s really tough, and takes no pity on a tired, out of breath woman in her 40’s.  Just what I needed!

My personal trainer has an assistant, Lola. Lola helps with the workouts because she thinks it’s fun. They are kind of like good cop/bad cop. While Lola is running ahead of us, smiling and enjoying herself, running back to check on us, then turning and running way ahead as motivation for where we should be, Buck keeps dragging me forward, barking at me to run just a little further before stopping to die.  I can’t help but feel a bit inadequate.

Lola has stamina and strength, a very toned body and gorgeous sparkling eyes that never look tired. Lola also has 7 kids!  Two have grown and moved on, but there are still 5 at home. In fact, she gave birth to her last baby only 10 weeks ago, and here she is running for miles without showing any signs of being tired. She’s german too, but born in Canada. Those Germans are amazing.

As far as I know, my personal trainer ‘Buck’, (definitely not his real name), is unattached. I can tell that he has a thing for Lola….and who wouldn’t, she’s gorgeous….but she has made it very clear that she isn’t even a little interested. I think her hands are full with all of those babies.

Reflecting on my trainers, I’m pretty sure that I suck. I am pretty certain that they sit around laughing about my lack of form and stamina long after I have left to go and have a nice nap while my heart and lungs heal up so I can do it all again the next day. They assure me that they actually think I’m pretty great, and this is motivation enough for me to run with them again tomorrow.

I took their picture.

Buck and Lola, my German personal trainers.

Buck and Lola, my German personal trainers.

Aren’t they amazing? 

Buck’s methods are questionable. He’s a great motivator.  He encourages me to start running, but when I can no longer breathe and I start to slow down, he throws me to the ground and drags me for a while until I get my feet under me again. I can make him stop, but he always looks so disappointed in me.

Buck giving me the look that says "C'mon fatty lets get running".

Buck giving me the look that says “C’mon fatty lets get running”.

I bought a leash that I don’t need to hold onto, one that I can clip directly onto my body. It soon became clear that this was a very bad idea. I’ll stick with the leash I can let go of.

Lola, running back and forth, making her run about 3X as long as mine.

Lola, running back and forth, making her run about 3X as long as mine.

Lola just loves running back and forth in front of us. Sometimes she brings a ball, and for a while I can throw it, but after a few minutes of dragging behind Buck, the ball gets left at the side of the road until we pass by again.

My sister-in-law, who is super athletic, gorgeous, and competes in cross fit challenges offered me these inspiring words of advice….

“You should wear nylon so if he pulls you through the snow you’ll slide easily….hopefully back to the house.” 

Great image.  Now where did I put those nylon parachute pants from 1985?  They would come in really handy on my run today.

One of Lola's babies....who has grown up to become someone else's personal trainer!

One of Lola’s babies….who has grown up to become someone else’s personal trainer!

” If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise”


This is the first time we have re-posted a blog, but thought this fits in great for us.

Romancing the Bee

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It’s the birthday of  Laura Ingalls Wilder, born on the American prairie just north of Pepin, Wisconsin (1867), author of the wildly popular children’s book Little House on the Prairie (1935) and several other books about growing up in the Midwest in the late 1800s. They’re all part of the Little House series, which she began writing when she was in her 60s. Since her death, about a hundred different titles have appeared in the Little House series that she created. From her books have come also a television series on NBC (1974-84), a 26-episode animated Japanese cartoon series called “Laura, The Prairie Girl,” a couple of made-for-TV movies, an ABC mini-series (2005), and a musical.

All of her books have remained in print continuously since the time they were first published, have been translated widely, and have sold millions of copies. Little House in…

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