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Terra and Kelly have known each other for close to 19 years where they met at pre-natal classes. Since then they have had many joint projects, both being ranchers with families of similar ages. In recent years the changes in the agriculture industry has led them to pursue some of their other interests, local food being one of them. Along with the local exhibition association they organized the Harvest Feastival, a local food event with over 300 attendees. Starting a blog has been another joint project to joke about, but the idea kept gaining momentum until here it is, Cow Trails and Pony Tales. Our purpose is to share ideas and stories while exploring other avenues in the ag industry and having some laughs along the way. The topics will be diverse including food, health, personal growth, ranching, women, sustainability, communities, kids, husbands, horses, sheep, chickens and dogs. We should point out that we are technologically impaired so have a steep learning curve ahead of us. We are just going to go for it.


9 responses to “About

  1. Wow! What a terrific site. I love the recipes and stories! I will put it on my favourites so I can enjoy your online company! Coming from the farm, your stories bring up the fond memories that are stored in my forgetful mind!

    • Thanks Jan! Glad we can bring back the fond memories….just wait til calving time and ‘cow getting out season’. We might just be able to conjure up some of those not so fond memories too! We’ll keep them funny though.

  2. Connie Anderson

    Hey Terra and Kelly! I’ve loved reading your blog to keep in touch and to just have a great laugh (or sigh). Your writing is exactly as you speak and I can just hear your voices. Thanks for sharing and for the free entertainment! Love, Connie (from the Shuswaps)

  3. Keith Robertson

    Hi Kelly . I was just looking at the picture of you looking out over the lake on your ABOUT page. The way your daughter is looking at you you must be singing Kumbiah a little off key.

    Love and Hugs.. Uncle Keith

  4. I think you should have Linky Followers on your site. Go to my site, join it…of course…why wouldn’t you? Hahaha! And then get it for yourself from my gadget. You will have an abundance of followers because you are a freakin’ hilarious, talented storyteller! xo

  5. Hi Kelly: Love your blog. Just thought I’d remind you and your followers of the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce Annual Women’s Conference. It is on Thursday, May 3 and this year hosts keynote speaker Bal Arneson, also known as the Spice Goddess on the Food Network. In addition to Bal, Jenni Willems, and Reena Nerbas will also be speaking. It will be another great day of fun, laughter and entertainment. For more info please visit the chamber website at http://www.vermilionchamber.ca. Hope to see you there!

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