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The Sunshine Vitamin – D

20131003-124135.jpgWe have long been told that Vitamin D is vital to strong bones and teeth. But more recently other benefits are being reported. Vitamin D is also known to improve your immune system. So in addition to ramping up the Vitamin C to ward off or minimize colds and flu, take Vitamin D. This strategy recently worked to minimize a cold I had.

According to naturopath, Dr. Natasha Turner, Vitamin D also improves muscle function and may help with chronic pain. It protects lung function. Shedding weight maybe easier with Vitamin D as is lowers insulin, improves serotonin levels, controls appetite and improves fat loss efforts. It may also help to lower blood pressure.

So living in these northerly climates as we do, how do we get ample Vitamin D, which is best produced from sun on skin exposure? And let’s face it with the temperatures of late not much skin is getting exposed to the sun. The Vitamin D Council states if living in Edmonton, the body cannot produce Vitamin D from October to April.

We can get some from the food we eat such as salmon, sardines, egg yolk and shrimp. Or fortified foods such as milk, yogurt, cereal and orange juice.

The next option is supplements. Research funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council states that Vitamin D3 supplements are better than D2.  Amounts I have seen range from 600 to 2000 IUs daily. But as with all things related to your help one should make these decisions with the help of a health care professional.

– Kelly