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Into the New Year

year of theJanuary 1 definitely seems to be a time for renewal.  From what I can discern everyone approaches it differently. Some develop a complete and detailed list of goals and resolutions. The internet is inundated with tips and pointers on how to best achieve these. Others don’t like to set them at all. Then there are those in between. One blog I follow, Wild Women Expeditions, refers to Revolutions. Picking themes or words of significance is yet another strategy.  For me, there seems to be a yearning back to order,  work and more structure after the quieter time of the holidays. Though, I am not sure if the pace of Christmas prep and execution can be considered as quiet. I like the idea of aspirations for 2014.

Whatever, your approach to the New Year, I hope it is filled with optimism and a great deal to look forward to. After all, what more can we ask for, it is the Year of the Horse.






Have you made your resolutions for next year?  If you believe in this sort of thing, time is running out my friend because next year is tomorrow.

I don’t often get too bound up by these types of conventions, preferring instead to mock and make fun of things like new years resolutions, back to school shopping, spring cleaning. 

However, I have been known to occasionally allow the peer pressure to whisk me away to a place where I drop my crusty frowning exterior and join in the fun.  Like the year that I resolved to be more selfish.  I kept that resolution for a while too.  In fact, I might still be holding onto that one.  How many ‘I will lose weight and get in shape’ resolutions are still holding on many years later?   

I should probably try for the ‘I will lose weight and get in shape’ resolution, but the one I am going to aim for this year is ‘I will have more fun’.  I’m off to a bad start though, because although we have had a few party invites coming our way for this evening, we have decided to stay home.  My resolution apparently will start tomorrow.

Having fun is entirely a state of mind.  Anything can be fun. Going to the dentist can be fun; you just have to find the humor in what you are doing.  Fun at the dentist can be found somewhere around the drool running down your chin, or the garbled answers to your dentist’s many questions.  I am amazed at how the placement of a large metal object into my mouth reminds the dentist to ask me interesting questions.  “So, Terra how old are your kids now?”          “arbten, ixten, ab elvn.” I delicately reply in my songlike dental voice.

So watch out everybody!  Beginning January 1, 2011 I will be having even more fun than I currently am!  This is going to be a great year.  And, who knows, I might even lose some weight and get into shape while I’m at it. 

Happy New Year!Fun