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Funny Women

mad about the boy If you liked the Bridget Jones’ Diary stories by Helen Fielding, you are sure to get some laughs out of Mad About The Boy.  Jones has experienced some significant changes since we last met her and finds herself at a tough spot in life. She is older and perhaps wiser but still seems to encounter many of the comedic disasters that we are used to. It is written in an almost texting type style, which did take some getting used to but the British humour overshadows. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it.

takedown twenty Another humorous female author is Janet Evanovich.  Her first book from the Stephanie Plum series,  One For The Money,  was made into a movie awhile ago and we watched it over the holidays. Evanovich is a truly laugh out loud author and I am currently reading her 20th book in the series, Takedown Twenty. The books are quite similar and I actually could not remember all the details from the first book but all the favorite characters are there. They were not all quite as I expected but definitely unique and colorful. Think Grandma and Lula if you have read the books.

In keeping with the humorous women theme, we also watched Admission with Tina Fey. I had not actually heard of this one before, but had read her book Bossy Pants and liked it. Admission centers around the daunting procedure of getting accepted into Princeton University.  Fey is one of the admission readers and makes a number of discoveries about herself along the way.  Of course there is a love interest. Fey’s mother is played by Lily Tomlin and as you may expect she is funny, eccentric and quirky. If anyone’s New Year’s resolutions include having a few more laughs in 2014, any of these books or movies would fit the bill.

– Kelly

“When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific.” Lily Tomlin