Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Bright

  1. in·spire
    1. 1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.
      “his passion for romantic literature inspired him to begin writing”
      synonyms: stimulatemotivateencourage,




      These are all states that Terra and I hope people will experience after spending the day at the 3rd Annual Inspiring Women Conference, February 19, 2014 at the Stockade Convention Center on the Lloydminster Exhibiiton Grounds from 9 – 4.

      The day opens with a panel of local women sharing their stories. Participants can then chose from on of three break-out sessions. These include Melanie Mutter speaking on communication and personality types; Georgina Altman presenting on leadership and goal setting and Donna Schellenberg energizing us with talk on fitness. After a networking lunch, there will be another round of breakouts followed by keynote speaker, Jody Urquhart.

      jody urquhart

      As a humorous motivational speaker, Jody has been presenting her motivational speeches around the world for over 13 years. She is passionate about spreading the message of fun, and meaningful work. She addresses over 50 organizations and associations annually, and is one of Canada’s top female motivational keynote speakers.

      “A great inspirational speaker.You have such energy and passion, and were funny – we could have listened to you forever”-John Marmina, GlaxoSmithKline”

      Jody is always my favorite motivational keynote speaker; she brings comedy to real-word issues”-Pam Neifibons, NPEI

      And from Jody herself, “Join us as we demonstrate how humor helps you stay in control, stay positive and maintain balance and perspective.”

      Of course each person will come away with something different from the day. For us the ultimate satisfaction is the feeling of enthusiasm, excitement and energy from participants who are motivated to make positive changes to “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Bright.

      Check out KT & Company’s Facebook page for more information.



One response to “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Bright

  1. So looking forward to this event. It was awesome last year and I am sure it will be nothing less than that this year!! Counting down the days!

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