Love Anthony

love, anthony

It has been a summer of good reads, but the latest book by Lisa Genova, Love Anthony, topped it for me. I literally slowed down reading near the end because I did not want it to be over. Love  Anthony is the story of two women and their connection through an autistic boy. Author, Genova, does a great job of exploring the mysteries of autism, as well as a number of relationships, as the two women struggle through challenges they have been faced with. I had previously enjoyed Genova’s other works, Still Alice and Left Neglected, but have to say Love, Anthony tops the trio for me. I highly recommend it.

– Kelly

“Take what you’ve learned and love someone again.

Find someone to love and love without condition.

This is why we’re all here.”
― Lisa GenovaLove Anthony


2 responses to “Love Anthony

  1. Wonderful quote. Oh, that must slow down or it will be over reading experience! Must be a good book – thanks for the heads-up

  2. Dibs at book club…..have a plane ride coming up and need a good one 🙂

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