Gourmet at the Garden

Mark your calendar for August 7 at 6:30. You don’t want to miss this…..

There’s going to be a garden party!  We are excitedly planning and coordinating a brand new event for Lloydminster, “Gourmet at the Garden”. This will be a four course meal featuring food grown locally at Lower Shannon Farms, 10 minutes north of Lloydminster.

Three enterprises; Lower Shannon Farms, The Root Community Emporium, and KT and Company have collaborated to create this very unique dining experience. Gourmet at the Garden will celebrate local food in an outdoor restaurant setting on the farm where the food was grown.  The meal will be enhanced by a presentation from the farmer on how their food is sustainably grown and from the chef on how it was prepared.  Locally grown entertainment will highlight this fun evening.

Outdoor events similar to Gourmet at the Garden have been held in other areas known for their support of local agriculture.  We have done a bit of research, and are finding that these local food events are gaining in popularity in Canada.  British Columbia, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces are leaders in creating ‘pop up dinners’ and other local food events that encourage people to come out and try the food that is growing in their province.  Slow food events, Fork Fests, and Farmers Markets are beginning to trend in Alberta and Saskatchewan, showing that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where and how their food is grown.

We are planning to have a sold out crowd at Gourmet at the Garden on August 7th.  It will be our first outdoor gourmet dinner, and we are very excited to host what we know will be a unique and fun event that people will be talking about long after it is over. 

If you live here or if you plan to be in the Lloydminster area on August 7 let us know and we will save your spot at the table!

Gourmet at the garden

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home grown tomato”  -Lewis Grizzard





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