The Slow Fix


The subtitle for this book by Carl Honore, is to solve problems, work smarter and live better in a fast world. The premise, which we are hearing more and more now, is we need to take the time to slow down and do things at the right speed. “We live in a carousel of quick fixes,” said author Honore, on a recent Steven and Chris show. “Our addiction to superficial short term fixes is backfiring badly in many ways,” says Honore. We need to think about how do we bring real quality to the issues at hand, whether they be complex work problems or smaller daily rituals. He refers our current state to a rushaholic lifestyle and offers the following tips:

  • Breathe. Simply taking a deep, cleansing breath automatically lowers our heart rate.
  • Speedometer. Ask yourself if you are doing this at the right speed or too fast.
  • Downsize. We have become neurotic about filling our schedules. Pick one activity that is not so important and drop it.
  • Unplug. Remember all the electronics come with a button that says off and use it. Get a more balance relationship with your gadgets.
  • Find a slow ritual. Whether it be gardening, cooking, yoga or whatever ritual that innoculates you against the virus of hurry.

The book is described as a problem solving manual but also a philosophy for life.


“We end up putting urgent ahead of important,” Carl Honore.


One response to “The Slow Fix

  1. Will definitely check this one out. Have been thinking recently that a little “pause” is what is needed for kids – as well as adults ( but the kids might actually take it to heart and move in that direction which would benefit society as a whole in the future.) Thanks for the heads-up

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