It is with so much gratitude that I am writing this story.

A few years ago, Kelly and I began to develop our ‘wouldn’t it be cool if….’ list.
The list started with ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we started our own blog where we could document the things that happen in our lives’. So we did it.
Then the list evolved into ‘wouldn’t it be cool if people other than our mothers and husbands read this blog’. It wasn’t long before our kids were reading along, and next came people whom we had never met, some from countries we have never been.  Now our writing has grown to the point where we have both had articles published in various agricultural magazines.

The list continued to grow, and soon it included
‘wouldn’t it be cool if someone created

– a local food event in our city’
– an economical Cowgirl Yoga Retreat that we wouldn’t have to haul our horses for hours to attend.’
– a personal and professional day for women in the Lloydminster area.’
So we did that too, but not without a ton of support and encouragement from all of  you!

Insert shameless plug here....

Insert shameless plug here….

On Tuesday, we will host our second annual Inspiring Women Conference, and the enthusiasm is building with each day.

So, here’s the gratitude part.

As we have come up with each new ‘cock-a-mamie’ scheme, we have been met with some looks of uncertainty from our husbands and children. Those uncertain looks however, are soon followed by ‘here is the name of a great speaker for your conference’, or ‘mom can I come to Cowgirl Yoga with you’, or ‘have you checked with John from down the road?  I bet he would want to come to your local food thingy’. And here is my all time personal favourite;  ‘Mom, I feel like such a weirdo, I was reading your blog in a hostel over here in Ireland and I started hysterically laughing out loud. Pretty sure they want me to leave.’

So it’s obvious to both of us that our families support our crazy ideas and they are proud of us. Despite the fact that they roll their eyes and tease us about our “meetings”. We feel so much gratitude to them for the sacrifices and meals that they have to make when we are wrapped up in our latest adventure.


We are so encouraged by the support we receive from our friends. You are the ‘company’ part to KT and Company. It started with close friends encouraging us along with ‘you guys should do that, I would come to that’.
It has now turned into something that really gives us a deep feeling of gratitude for the people who are interested in what we do, and for the great community that we are fortunate to be a part of.
People who don’t know much about us have come forward with support. There have been donations of both time and money, meetings to learn about what we are up to, offers of employment, door prize donations to advertise that their business is involved with and is supporting our event, free advertising and on-air interviews, increasing ticket sales and purchases of corporate tables so that employees can be encouraged to attend and hear the messages that we want to deliver.

It’s kind of like standing in front of a snowplow…..a really wonderfully supportive snowplow. We begin to make a plan, and if we start to lose momentum, there are so many individuals and businesses behind us, believing in us and pushing us forward, that we have no choice but to keep moving ahead.  It’s a great feeling of momentum….a little out of control at times, but still a great feeling.

So we want to take this time to thank you for calling us for more information, for asking ‘how can I be involved?’ and….’what more can I do to help?’ and….’I can’t come then, please change the date.’
For buying tickets and for helping us to spread the word to your boss, your friends, your fitness instructor, your accountant, and your family.
For agreeing to speak, or sponsor, or often times do both!
For helping us to create centerpieces and decorate…even if it’s because you know we have no business trying to do either of those things….
For asking us to include you in ‘whatever’ we do next!

We want you to know that we are so very grateful for your support and we are humbled by your belief in us.

We want to cheer you on as well!  Go out there and pursue your dreams. Make a ‘wouldn’t it be cool’ list and start moving towards your next big thing.
There will be some days where you will meet people who don’t share your dream, and that’s ok.  We have had days like that, but there are many more people who wish you success than those who are indifferent. Move past the indifferent people, and gather energy from your supporters. We are waiting to see what cock-a-mamie scheme you have up your sleeve!

KT and Company – we believe in having fun while learning about and supporting local businesses, talents, products and producers.


Thanks for being our company!

“Dream big and dare to fail”. Norman D. Vaughn


2 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Ladies, you are truly an inspiration! So happy you are following your hearts. Wish I could join you next week, but the sun and a lawn chair currently holds my heart! Wishing you great success in your coming conference.


  2. Thanks Kim! Have a relaxing holiday, hopefully a bit of sun follows you home!

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