Peasant Bread

Unbelievable IMG_1700but I actually did it and it turned out. I made bread from the easiest recipe you can imagine. I found it on Pinterest. Now I can say I have actually done some of the many things I have pinned. I have tried over the years with a couple of excellent tutors but could just not get the hang of working with dough.

IMG_1698 The blonde curly-haired baker at our house had long ago surpassed me. But the beauty of this recipe is that there is no kneading. Mixing and waiting but no kneading. The recipe came from and it is called Peasant Bread. Now I just have to wait until some taste testers can give me their opinion.


And trust me, if I can do this anyone can.


“How can a nation be great, if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” Julia Child



One response to “Peasant Bread

  1. Must try this. Always looking for easy bread, um that sounds a bit strange!

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