Grandpa goes to the gym . .. And Grandma too

Chances are if you were born before 1940, working out at a gym is not something you are familiar with, particularly if you are a farmer or rancher. Working out means exactly that. .. go outside and work. But for someone who fits those specs in our family, knowing a younger fellow rancher who actually has a gym on his place and having a discussion on how strength training can reduce arthritic type pain. One thing leads to another and there it is. There are a few other characteristics that make it a perfect spot in addition to the fact that you likely see cows when you drive into the yard. One is actual work out gear. Sorry to the investors and owners of LuLu Lemon, but it turns out you can work out in Wranglers (just like you can go to the the beach in Barbados) and a snap front plaid shirt. Then Grandma (already a serious yogi) was convinced to go. So once a week they head out, work out, have a visit with the cowboy trainer, stop at a small town cafe and have pizza for lunch. They say it is helping and they are getting stronger. The 15 year-old grandson has even gone with them. Kind of cool, to go to the gym with your grandma and grandpa. My hats off to the pair of them for stepping out of the box. Who says you can’t try new things when you get older?

– Kelly

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it does not matter,” Mark Twain.


2 responses to “Grandpa goes to the gym . .. And Grandma too

  1. That generation does adapt to new things that are logical and make sense – We were surprised when my 99 yrs uncle and his “younger” brother (farm boys) started going to the gym in their retirement community to cycle and lift weights- they liked the benefits and really enjoyed the workouts.
    But who would have guessed that?

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