Good Bye 2012!

The year 2012 was so fantastic, 2013 is going to have a tough act to follow.

With inspiration from our new friend Linda Edgecombe, we successfully planned and executed our first annual women’s conference in February. We pushed our limits, got out of our comfort zones and created a new story for ourselves.

Spring brought the usual business on the farm of seeding, calving, lambing, and new this year – bees!  Once again, pushing away fears and uncertainties to learn something that is fascinating and very rewarding.

A little worker bee. She does everything, and that's how we know she's female.

A little worker bee. She does everything, and that’s how we know she’s female.

Kelly and I both had children graduate from grade 12 in June 2012. From this perspective, graduation looks so much more like a beginning than an ending. They are moving into a new phase. One with more responsibility and, just like their older siblings, they are meeting these new challenges with enthusiasm and success.

In early fall, before harvest was in full swing, we hosted our second annual Cowgirl Yoga Retreat. Once again, this was a wonderful time highlighted by new and old friendships, hours of horseback riding on beautiful trails, body soothing yoga, and breathless red-faced belly laughs.
In October we volunteered at the Lloydminster Exhibition Association to present the third annual Harvest Feastival. Feastival has been so well received that we have moved it into a larger venue. This year there were over 400 people who braved an early winter storm to come and enjoy the food that is grown right around Lloydminster. Once again the Exhibition chef Rob and his staff created wonderful dishes that received fantastic reviews.

Getting the phyllo pastry ready.

Getting the phyllo pastry ready.

Our house got a little busier in November with the birth of a new litter of German shepherd puppies. We wanted to create one perfect puppy for ourselves, and the result was 7 beautiful healthy pups who keep us all busy with their cute antics and daily growth as they develop into the smartest dogs in the world.


Winter came early to this area, bringing with it snow days in October, bad roads and an early end to our grazing days due to deep snow covering the stockpiled grass.  Stockpiled grass is still a great thing though, and now we are looking forward to being able to start grazing a little earlier than usual when the snow starts to melt in the spring.

What's with the snow in October?

What’s with the snow in October?

These highlights, combined with others like helping to teach grade one and two children about where their food comes from at Ag Ed Day, working with a committee whose objective is to create an area at our Exhibition’s fair that is dedicated to involving young kids in Agricultural activities, running with our youngest kids to school and sports activities, and working with our families on our farms has made 2012 a very exciting and rewarding year.


2013 will hold more of the same. We are in the final stages of planning our second women’s conference. The bees appear to be wintering well and there are a few people who want to join us in this adventure, starting hives of their own. The Cowgirl Yogis will ride again in 2013, and we are exploring the possibilities of creating a ‘not cowgirl yoga’ event for our friends who want to join us on a retreat that wouldn’t involve horses. Feastival is a huge hit, and we already have some menu items lined up for October 2013.   Our families remain well-connected and we will continue to support and encourage our children to push their own limits as they grow and find their own passion.

At the risk of sounding like one of those ‘we are so perfect’ Christmas letters, I should mention that 2012 has also had it’s less than perfect moments.  Of course, there have been moments of frustration and concern as we work with our husbands to raise fine young people who get good grades, (mostly) and who stay out of trouble, (a lot of the time). 

We have had our not so brave moments, like when our new bees had to be introduced into their hive and I nearly ran screaming into the bush out of fear.

Of course, there was that time that Kelly ran over her camera.  That one ended well though, when she finally allowed Mike to look at it 3 months later, only to find that it wasn’t really broken.  A lens from another camera made it good as new!

Let’s not even discuss how perfectly organized and clean our houses are…..

And so it is with our usual scattered focus and multiple interests that we will continue to push our limits in 2013. With each new experience, success and challenge we learn more about ourselves and we look forward to sharing all of it with you! 

Thanks for reading along and encouraging us.

” You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. – Mae West


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