Well, it is official, according to the 1 billion users on Facebook anyway. The most popular tv show of 2012 is Duck Dynasty. Of course, the boys at our house already knew this. Even though one of them is most definitely not on Facebook. Everywhere you turn these days, there is another reality show on t.v. The more unusual your vocation or lifestyle, the better your chances of having a show. Most of them are ridiculous. But the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty fame have risen above the rest. They are a hugely successful family that made their money making duck calls. The patriarch, Phil, is actually a former football player (apparently with Terry Bradshaw) and has a masters in education. Son Willie is the CEO of the business, where his brothers, uncle and few others work. Or don’t work, depending on the day. The men always wear camo and have not shaven or had a hair cut in years. I can’t help but think if the same practice was adopted at our house there are two that would fit right in. By contrast the women are always well dressed and groomed. The show is amusing and I have heard a few comments that it is one of the shows that a family can watch together. And if there are any red neck tendencies, you are sure to enjoy.
modern family
But my personal favorite family show on t.v. is Modern Family. Hands down. It is hilarious, guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. The cast is quirky but there is often something happening that we can all relate to. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a writer on that show.


Phil Dunfee: That’s the funny thing about marriage, you fall in love with this extraordinary person and over time they begin to seem ordinary. I think it’s all the nagging.

Willie Robertson: A camouflaged limo is like a bug light for rednecks.


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