Is it just me or is it early?


For Christmas preparation, therefore Christmas pressure, that is. Admittedly, winter came early to our part of the world with snow on October 23. Some of the retail stores received a backlash when they had Christmas decorations up and were playing Christmas music immediately after Halloween. But it does seem much earlier than it used to be. There are reasons though. One of the blogs I follow, The Art of Doing Stuff, had a Christmas Challenge countdown, with the beginning of December as a deadline. The main reasoning behind this is to have all your stressful preparations done ahead of time, so you can actually feel the holiday spirit and enjoy the holiday season. Makes sense. The University girls have put up their tree and done some decorating. When asked if it maybe a bit early, the response was they are not there over actual Christmas so they wanted a chance to enjoy their cozy, festive apartment. That too makes sense. Certainly our southern neighbors use their Thanksgiving, to kick off the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today. But I do think we risk a kind of Christmas burnout. Really how long can those festive feelings of warmth and kindness last? Speaking from experience, when I am excited about the holiday season in November, come December 24, I don’t have a whole lot left. But, as in many things, everybody is different. Do you think November 15 is too early to start preparing? Do you have some great strategies to truly make the season more festive? I would love to hear your thoughts.

– Kelly

“Perhaps the best yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles.” Anonymous


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