Good times in Boise

When you live with a wannabe carny, you definitely have some interesting adventures. One such adventure recently took us to Boise, Idaho. We were attending the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs (RMAF) convention. It is a great opportunity for all those in the fair industry to gather, network and explore many possibilities for entertainment at their fairs. Constant entertainment. Literally, morning, noon and night one is dazzled by illusionists, clowns, singers, bands, magicians and any other type of performance you could find at a fair. The final evening included a high energy country rock band called 32 Below from Seattle; a duo of circus/gymnast known as Mango and Dango; a pair of old-time country singers known as the Yampa Valley Boys and Six Appeal, an amazingly talented  cappella group of young men.

In addition to the actual performances, the talent also has rooms to promo in. So one door after another, down the hotel halls are many, many performers. It is pretty cool.

To make it even better, Boise is a great city. Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but Boise has got to be one of the friendliest place on earth. From cab drivers to store clerks to waiters and just about everything in between, people are super friendly and helpful. When eating at The Fork, a terrific local food restaurant, we had no less than four different people serving us. Each one gave excellent service. The downtown area is filled with old buildings and they pride themselves on being clean and safe. It is also, quite scenic, with a river and foothills. The grass was still green and all the lovely fall leaves were still on the trees. So as it turns outs, it is not only the potatoes that are great from Idaho.



One response to “Good times in Boise

  1. I want to live with a wannabe carny – your trip sounded fabulous!!

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