There is a new phenomenon traveling in some circles known as earthing or grounding. The concept is based on the idea that the earth gives you a natural, eternal and gentle energy. In the recent Mary Janes Farm magazine, author Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. explains, “We are constantly building up positively charged free radicals  all over our bodies, constantly working up inflammation and stress. These free radicals are an important component to aging, inflammation, pain and disease. And the most natural way to reduce the amount of free radicals and inflammation in our bodies is to ground ourselves to the earth. Negatively charged electrons from the surface of a negatively charged earth wash up and over our inflamed, positively charged bodies and neutralize us from the inside out.” That means direct contact with the Earth, bare feet in the dirt, sand or grass.  This contact is supposed to  aid in the reduction of insomnia, stress, menopausal symptoms and help with stronger bones, stronger immune systems and greater disease resistance. Two areas that are considered are shoes and beds. The idea is that they keep us from direct contact and there are aids available to help overcome the barriers. I have to say this is something we take for granted on the farm. Don’t get me wrong, we wear shoes and sleep on beds, not the ground. But when the weather permits, we are constantly in direct contact with the soil and the plants growing there. I have always appreciated that connection but have never thought of it from a beneficial electrical charge point of view. We do pay close attention to the charge on our electric fences (laughing at the poor unsuspecting soul who happens to come in contact with that). Something interesting to ponder. I would like to hear others’ thoughts on the matter.

“The earth heals,” Dr. Laura Koniver, MD



3 responses to “Earthing

  1. Defintely feels good to have your feet on a sandy beach – stress is gone!

  2. Makes sense to me. I think there is probably a reason people are born without shoes. Barefoot is natural & must have its natural benefits just as much as something like grazing is natural to horses & Cows, etc and has its health benefits to them. When a horse grazes as opposed to being fed in a feeder (as many domestic horses are in our time), it gets multiple benefits health-wise. Usually fresher feed = better nutrients, and even their head position is better for their sinus drainage and I am sure there are more. If we weren’t meant to have feet bare upon the earth- we would come out with wellies, Jimmy Choos or Uggs – right?
    And as for energy charges in living beings – a lost knowledge I am sure. I completely agree with this theory. Something new to google! Thought provoking for sure – thanks! 🙂

  3. In design school one of our professors prepared an entire lecture based on this theory, to make us aware of the environments we create for people to live and work in, keeping them more connected with nature. Urban densification does not need to mean paving over, but should provide opportunites to creatively develop green spaces, keeping people connected to nature. SBS or Sick Building Syndrome is found in buildings that are so well sealed off they recycle existing air, no fresh air is let in, which results in reduced employee attendance, productivity. Solidfies this theory. My best ‘recharge’ is literally spending time outdoors. I completely believe in earthing. And hugging trees, but that may be the tree planter and west coaster talking ; )

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