Preparing for a Feast … ival!

The play on words here is Festival…with a feast.

Harvest Feastival is an annual event that we volunteer to help organize and create with the Lloydminster Exhibition Association.

Every year our committee of two Exhibition employees and three volunteers finds local producers who would like to be involved in this annual feast.  It has grown, and this year we are preparing to feed 400 people. 

Local celebrity chefs help to serve the food.

The event is fun, with a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of activity as participants move through the various food stations, (this year there are 10 stations), in an attempt to try and sample every small meal that has been prepared from locally grown food. 

Buckets of beets preparing to turn into borscht.

There are the usual things to try like beef, chicken, turkey, potatoes and carrots as well as the less usual things such as bison, goat, quinoa and haskap berries.  Listening to the various pronunciations of quinoa and haskap is just part of the fun.

Getting the phyllo pastry ready.

Tomorrow is the big day!  We have spent a few days gathering the food, and now we are helping the chef and his staff to prepare the amazing meals that will be featured this year.  It’s a great learning experience for us.  Last year we were taught to make crepes with berry sauces, and this year we have learned how to create phyllo pastry filled desserts.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.  I think I’ll start fasting now so that maybe this year I will have enough room to try everything! 

 “It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home grown tomato.”   Lewis Grizzard



One response to “Preparing for a Feast … ival!

  1. What a nice community event. (homegrown tomatoes: heaven)

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