Kitchen organization – strength or weakness?

It has been said, that among my many virtues, organization of kitchen cupboards is definitely not one of them. I won’t exactly say if it is that big guy I share the house with who makes this accusation. Maybe. Maybe not. So when I was recently watching Rachael Ray and one of her guests was organizational guru, Peter Walsh, I thought it would be a good idea to take note. The first point Walsh made was, “You just have to get started.” He suggested you have to assess what is working and what is not. He spent 60 minutes reorganizing a disastrous kitchen. They were even using the adjacent half bath as a pantry. Yuck.

1. Group like items together, such as baking tools. Use containers or baskets for storage.

2. Don’t buy it if only because it is a bargain.

3. Keep frequently used items on a lazy susan.

4. Use what time you have.

For re-organizing junk drawers, Walsh recommended to change the definition to a treasure drawer. So if it is junk, throw it out. If it belongs in the garage, then put it in the garage. You can use boxes on  hand to help divide items. The one he used was a pasta boxes, ice cube trays, muffin tins and zip lock bags to sort and store. He said to throw out all the manuals as everything is on line now.  So with all these great ideas, now we need some for motivation. Any suggestions?


“You just have to get started,” organizational guru, Peter Walsh.Image


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