Who would have thought?


Can’t explain it.  Not sure how it works but it definitely does and I am learning, as a writer, to go with it. Sometimes, at the most unusual times, the words just pop into your head. This may take place after days, weeks and even months of thinking to oneself, “ I need to write a blog. I should write a blog. It is time to write a story. . “ But as in the old should of , would of, could of, nothing. Until, there it is. The important thing I am learning about this is when it happens and the words are there, if at all possible, get writing. It is not always at the most opportune time but if you can make it happen do. I am imagining that seasoned writers already know all this but it is somewhat of an aha for me.

So as I was perusing the internet post Thanksgiving it popped into my mind, a post about the birth and growth of KT & Company. Many already know this story but for those who don’t.

My good friend Terra and I are in quite similar circumstances. We are in the same industry (ranching), both married, three kids with the oldest two being the same age and interested in the same things such as local food, learning etc. Oh yes, there is that one major difference, in that she is slightly younger. I for one consider seven years to be slight.

After some difficult years in the cattle industry (anyone also in that business will know exactly what I am talking about) we had started pondering how we could start another enterprise that fit in with our current lifestyle, challenged us, focused on our interests, was part-time and would generate some cash. It happened in the summer when our middle kids were on a 4H exchange program and when we were the hosts there were many trips in the vehicle with conversations that started with “Wouldn’t it be cool if. . .” As I have learned in visioning exercises we truly brainstormed with no limits or judgements. One of the activities that kept coming up was starting a blog. Hahaha.  We knew nothing about it, were not computer savvy and other than my writing of 20 years ago had not done much of that. But after the kids had heard this over and over, they finally challenged us to just do it. And as you can see, we just did it.  There was the birth of cowtrailsandponytales. We checked on the internet and found the wordpress blogging template and as they had said it was really pretty simple. Not always, we still have our technical glitches but this post is actually our 179 post.

Harvest Feastival before the crowds arrived….

The next idea was to have a local food event. We had been exploring such events in our cities  and kept asking ourselves “Why not have that here?”. So in order to play it safe, we partnered with the Lloydminster Exhibition Association and developed the Harvest Feastival event. (Terra deserves credit for coming up with the name by the way) That was in 2010 and October 23 we will be hosting the third Harvest Feastival.

We had been pondering and questioning what we should be doing besides writing for quite some time and Feastival was the perfect event to give us focus. We wanted to be putting on unique, locally inspired events where people could learn and have some fun. Of course it took us quite a few sessions to come up with this statement and even longer to come up with the name KT & Company. We had a long list of ideas but none were quite right. Some only referred to food, some were too long, some were not catchy enough, some were total copycats and some were just too goofy. The challenge was that we were not totally sure what our venture was going to be doing.  We had a clear idea on some things. We did not want to limit ourselves but keep open to the myriad of possibilities that may come our way. We wanted it to be just right. So finally, when in a position to have a name for the bank account, we chose KT & Company, incorporating our first initials. Not exactly creative but we liked how KT is a name in itself. The & Company could be inclusive of all those that we would partner with. And KT is growing, experiencing and coming into its own, just as we are with it.

Cowgirl Yoga 2012

Following the “Why not have that here?” was our first Cowgirl Yoga event. The concept truly appealed to us as something we wanted to participate in. But any we could find were too far away, too long and too expensive. So we picked Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan to hold the first one in 2011, and recently completed the second. Check our blog history if you want to read more.

And on the same theme, last year in February we held the 1st Annual Inspiring Women Conference in Lloydminster, with the 2nd planned for February 19, 2013.

They have all been fabulous experiences. We have learned lots, been challenged and empowered, met and worked with some fantastic people and are even growing the business aspect. So when I think back to our “Wouldn’t it be cool if. . “ list I am amazed and thankful that we have achieved so much from it.

“Who would have thought?”



6 responses to “Who would have thought?

  1. Who would have though that we would be having so much fun while ‘working’ at growing our business!

  2. I think that may be the key, Terra!! Congrats girls – keep those great ideas coming. It has been fun watching it all unfold.

  3. It has been fun attending your events. I cannot wait to see what you do next!

  4. Kudos, ladies! So glad you enjoy what you do.

  5. Congrats on the growth of your business. You two are inspiring women in yourselves and I look forward to new endeavors for KT & company (and for myself attending more!) Thanks for bringing these opportunities to our community & its members!

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