New B.C. Lieutenant-Governor

Judy Guichon and son MIchael on the ranch.

The new Lieutenant-Governor of B.C. is a rancher, and a lady rancher at that. Judy Guichon from Merritt, B.C. was bestowed the honor earlier this week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Judy was born in Montreal and grew up with her family as weekend farmers. Then in the early ’70s in Whitehorse she met Laurie Guichon, a bush pilot. The two soon were married and went back to the historic Gerard Guichon Ranch, near Quilchena, B.C. , operated at the time by Laurie’s father. Judy and Laurie took over the ranch in 1972 and raised four children. But tragedy struck in 1999 when Laurie was killed in a motorcycle accident. Judy says she was able to carry on with the ranch and the kids because of all the groundwork and planning she and Laurie had done through Holistic Management. Holistic Management is a decision-making process that focusses on developing a vision and goals and the supporting plans to help achieve that vision. Judy was involved for many years with the local hospital board and more recently as chair of the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association. She has dedicated a great deal of time to improving her ranch, community and industry and ensuring their growth into the future. Judy is now married to Bruno Mailloux. In her spare time she plays in a community band and says this appointment will give her the opportunity to “retire” from the ranch. Judy has been a strong , committed leader to her community, province and industry. Her experience makes her an excellent 29th Lieutenant-Governor  of B.C.


“Judy Guichon has more integrity in her little finger than most people have in their entire body,” Kevin Boon, General Manager of the B.C. Cattlemen’ s Association


One response to “New B.C. Lieutenant-Governor

  1. Sounds like she’s got the experience and common sense needed.

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