Pizza in a wood fired outdoor oven

Not something you get every day but what a treat! We are so lucky to have friends who are great chefs and have an outdoor pizza oven. It is an involved process as the fire has to be started a couple of hours ahead of time to allow it to burn down to the correct amount of coals. The coals are then pushed back and the surface scrubbed, while continually checking the temperature. Meanwhile dough is being prepared along with a myriad of delectable toppings; genoa salami, italian sausage, tomatoes, cheese, pesto, shrimp, feta, fried mushrooms and onions, quail eggs, bacon and potato. The pizza is then cooked in the stone oven. This oven was also hand-built. The results are mouth-watering.

The oven

The fire

The toppings

Checking the temperature

The finished pizza

Oh, we so enjoyed it.



3 responses to “Pizza in a wood fired outdoor oven

  1. That outdoor oven looks like a hobbit or troll built it – how much fun. (pizza looks good, too0

  2. It was not a hobbit or a troll, but a good friend and his son, both tall and slim in stature.

  3. It is a good blog as it helps the people to throw a pizza party anytime and anywhere and this is possible the available wood fired pizza oven.

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