Get Back In the Saddle Sweetie


A few days ago I was sitting around with some friends, lamenting my annual fight with writer’s block. 

It seems to happen at this time of year.  There are so many wonderful things happening, so many great stories being lived, and yet I seem to struggle to get them onto paper….or in this case…computer screen.


There’s no reason for it, other than the typically Canadian response to our few months of sunshine.  I want to be in the sun.  Summer goes by quickly, tempting me out from under my rock and into the outdoors.  Maybe the office and computer should be moved outside.

A weasel that our dog cornered in the front yard!

My husband’s brother listened carefully, sipping his wine, while the rest of us chatted about my need to get writing. 


He leaned forward, looked in my direction, blinked a couple of those slow blinks that come after one has spent an evening sipping on their wine, and said “get back in the saddle sweetie”.  It makes me smile even as I write it.

My brother-in-law is not exactly known for his outward expressions of endearment.  I feel so lucky – like a princess really.

We all thought this was pretty funny, and I think it makes a great title for a new story.  It’s a bit rambling and not really about anything in particular, but I wanted to share.

The girls trying some honey straight from the hive.

Taking his advice, I will ‘get back in the saddle’ and tell you some more beekeeping stories, some actual riding in the saddle stories, some summer fun stories, and whatever else comes along and wants to be told.


Nothing better than a sunny day with your feet in the lake.

I just had to post this one for my brother-in-law so he would know that I am back in the saddle.  Thanks to everybody for the gentle nudge back towards writing.

 But first – abandoning the house once again, I’m going outside to catch a horse. 

 “Few of us write great novels; all of us live them.”  –  Mignon McLaughlin, writer



2 responses to “Get Back In the Saddle Sweetie

  1. Want to kick feet in that water this time of year!
    Just go outside – blog will wait…you are soaking up details for posts to be written later ( love that last quote)
    Oh, some stories waiting in the first picture, the third one and that last one for sure!

  2. You are so right. I just have to get a few ‘jot notes’ down so that a story can be written when it’s raining outside. What beautiful weather we’ve been having lately! Don’t want to miss a thing! Hope your summer is going well too.

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