Little Cabin in the Woods

View from the cabin

It has been the most amazing summer and it is not even half over. So lucky to have had a fishing trip, grads, the fair and now another fishing trip. There seems to be a recurring theme. Friends of ours have a cabin in a remote location in Northern Saskatchewan. Spending time there takes the meaning of peace and quiet to a whole new level. Of course there is the noise of the generator and the bear issue but if you want some lights and to hopefully keep the latter away that is what you do. Mind you the snoring of some of the cabin dwellers probably scares all bears and any other wildlife in the area.

Check out the fish mama caught.

There is propane for the stove and the barbecue; as mentioned power for the lights and fridge when the generator is on; running water when you run down to the lake and get it; and even an outdoor shower. It will come as no surprise to discover there is no cell service. And there is fish. Fantastic fish. It goes without saying when planning what food to take that there will be fish for suppers. Plenty of fish. And we caught a lot. Guess who caught the biggest? It is such a relaxing place and so easy to put all the demands and stresses of regular life aside.

Old trappers cabin

Maybe not quite so much for the big guy who was having mechanical problems with the boat most of the time. But as far as I am concerned if top speed is just slightly above that of strong paddling the ride is just that much more tranquil. No one was wearing a watch or had a cell phone so it truly did not matter if it took an extra half an hour to get to the next fishing hole. Just enjoy the boat ride, the fishing, the fish and the companionship of some great people. And it seems without even trying ,or actually noticing at first, I may have turned into a fisherwoman.

– Kelly

“Good things come to those who bait” Author Unknown


One response to “Little Cabin in the Woods

  1. Way to go Kelly!! It looks like your big fish was going to eat Mike instead of the other way around.

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