Happenstance is defined as a coincidence, a chance circumstance, or an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental.  Much like serendipity, the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. It seems to be so amazing when you have been interested in making your own cheese and suddenly every food site you go to on the web has a simple and easy recipe for making cheese. Or when you are looking for a certain type of instructor in a certain location and it turns out that you are already linked on facebook. Who knew? Or you have decided to pursue some new projects and in the process of making inquiries the first line you notice on the next e-mail you receive is a request for that exact type of project.
These events do seem circumstantial, but do you suppose it is a case of what we are looking for? And that can be either positive or negative. If you are looking for problems, without a doubt you can find many. So is the opposite then true?
I suspect it related to having a positive outlook on life or being an optimist. I am not suggesting this is always an easy thing to do. Many face extremely difficult challenges. And life can be hard. But if we try to look on the bright side is it possible that happenstance is more likely to occur? If it is truly a coincidence then we can’t control it. But perhaps we can increase the likelihood of it happening if we try to be more open and curious. What sort of happenstance has occurred in your world lately?

– Kelly

“We make choices but are constantly foiled by happenstance.” Penelope Lively


2 responses to “Happenstance

  1. Loved the post but inclined but my own experience of late has been more in line with the Penelope Lively quote!

  2. Everyday is the great adventure!

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