The End Is Near!

The End Is Near

It’s 2012, and I have heard that there are people predicting that this is when it would all end. 

Turns out that they were right, and the end is near. 

Our middle child writes his last high school final exam today, signifying the end of his tumultuous journey with the public school system. 

The signs are everywhere.  Broken binders lay all around his room, papers strewn about in the aftermath of what appears to have been either a very intense study session, or a pre exam freak out.  Text books have been found underneath the bed and behind the truck seat, and are ready to be returned.

Some things are still missing.  Yesterday morning as he was preparing to walk out the door, he asked me for a non-graphing scientific calculator.  Apparently this would be needed for his Physics final exam….which was in about 20 minutes. 

I tried making him a non-graphing scientific calculator out of a piece of toast and an elastic band, but it was not to be.  Off he went, with only a graphing scientific calculator, something he was not going to be allowed to use for his exam.  Other years, this would have been an opportunity for me to lecture and take the opportunity to teach responsibility and preparedness, but alas – the end is near. 

He reported back to me that his Physics 30 final exam was ‘Sensational’.  Given that his usual response to ‘how was your exam’ is a text that reads “Meh”… I’m guessing that no one noticed he was using a graphing scientific calculator.  Whatever, the end is near.

Last week, I made his school lunch for the last time.  I know there are some of you who are rolling your eyes at the fact that I am still making lunch for an 18 year old….Kelly.  However, the fact that this was his last school lunch went by without me noticing until later in the day.  His last school lunch was total crap.  The cupboards were somewhat bare that morning so it went something like crackers and cheese with a bruised apple, a bologna sandwich with no cheese or lettuce and no drink.

I couldn’t let it end that way, so I made him take a lunch to school the next day even though he was writing finals and would be done at 11 AM.  He was a good sport and took his lunch to school for the last time.  It was a good one too.

As we enjoy these ‘lasts’, we are very excited to look forward to and experience all of the ‘firsts’ that are coming his way.  It’s easy to get trapped in the ‘Wow, that went fast’ and miss the fact that there’s still a lot more in store for us as a family.

Even still, as the five of us sat down to eat last night with no one missing and no extra buddies or girlfriends to join us, I had to wonder how many more opportunities there will be for us to sit at the table at the end of the day all together with our little family. 

Good luck to the Grads of 2012!  The end is near!  Celebrate your lasts and enjoy your firsts. Go out and make the world a better place, and while you’re doing that, may all of your dreams come true. 

“This is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”   – Winston Churchill



6 responses to “The End Is Near!

  1. So well done. . . And glad to see Cole has not changed his attire despite the end being near. From what I can see I think Papa is preparing for a lecture, perhaps on the same topic as your blog.

  2. I wanted to let everyone know that he’s not nude, just in his perpetual state of shirtlessness. BUT, decided to leave it to your imagination. Hahahaha

  3. Nice piece. I hope the beginning is near as well and will also provide you joy and pride. Good luck to your graduate.

  4. Had to shed a little tear as I read your blog thinking back on his school years and some of the many things he went through with you as the Great Mom standing up for him….

  5. Glenys Coleman

    Terra, you always make me laugh. I must admit that even though I had a moments of sadness when my two were finishing I also felt some sense of relief that phase was done. I must admit I am enjoying this next stage of “young adulthood!” Best of luck to Cole in his future endeavours!

  6. That’s a great quote. ( and hilarious post…calculator out of toast with 20 min warning: priceless)

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