The Birds and The Bees


An adult Cedar Waxwing.


There were some unusual birds in our yard yesterday.  They appeared to be Cedar Waxwings.

Wondering what had attracted them to the tree, I crept in closer and found that our bees were busy at work in the apple trees near our house.

Busy as a Bee!

Thought you might enjoy the photos!

You can tell that they are our bees because they look different from the bees that we normally see.  Ours are smaller, less fuzzy, and they make very little noise.

This is not my bee. This is an obnoxiously loud and scary bee.

Not like the loud buzzing of those big fuzzy bees that used to chase me around the yard when I was a kid.

Also not one of my bees. This one is too short and round, with creepy legs.

It was so great to see that the honey bees had found our yard.  Now we will be able to have apple blossom honey along with all of the honey from dandelion, canola, Saskatoon, clover, etc.



2 responses to “The Birds and The Bees

  1. I love the small honey bees…they are pleasant..unlike some of the others! nice pictures

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