The two weekend and a few nights project

Well, it is finally done. Not the landscaping of the entire yard, but the latest project on our t0-do list. A month or so ago, I said to the big guy, ” All I really want is some grass around our house.” But he so patiently explained to me that there were a few things that had to happen before we could spread the black dirt back and seed grass.

One of these was the patio and firepit, and maybe a walkway. Then was the debate over what material to use. After much discussion, internet surfing and some touring, we decided on paving stone. Our house has a rustic, timber and stone look so we wanted to stay with something that worked with that style. I should point out that my husband and I have distinctly different methods for diy projects.  Our visions of what is involved to complete said project are seldom even remotely close. It takes some work to try and get on the same page. Let’s just say he is more of a perfectionist than I. That is all that needs to be said.  So after much, much, much prep work.  Did I mention there was a lot of prep work to get the base just right?

Then we could lay the paving stones. That was the fun part. It is quick and easy. For the most part. Not when you  are trying to make curves in the pathway though. And it turns out there are some other unplanned for benefits. Like a work out. Sometime ago I went to boot camp. I am not sure what I was thinking, other than to prove that I could. And I feel like I have been to boot camp again. Lots of sore, stiff muscles. Also, some fun family bonding time. Not that our helpers were around the whole time,  it being Maylong and all. But the project turned out fabulously. The boys even had a fire last night.


“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” Napoleon Hill


2 responses to “The two weekend and a few nights project

  1. I love this! We should do something like this with our firepit…We just wear our grass out all around it! Nice, beautiful job! xo wendy

  2. The Queen Bee

    That looks great! What a nice picture of me helping out with the stones near the door too….I think you owe me a beer on your nice patio for all of my hard work. LOL

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