I Get To See the Best Things!

The world is a very entertaining place.  I really do get to see the best things. 

One sunny April morning, while drinking coffee and looking out the window, I witnessed two foxes trying to get into our hen-house.  It was at this very moment that it occurred to me just how lucky we are to live so close to nature that we get to witness animals doing what comes naturally….things like trying to eat my poor defenseless old hens.

Later on that same day, I followed a guy driving a team of miniature horses down the road.  Definitely not an everyday sight.  A team of heavy horses maybe, but a team of miniature horses is pretty rare.  What made the scene even more entertaining was the fact that today this man was using his team of miniature horses to train another miniature horse to walk while being led with a halter and rope.  The horses pulling the wagon were happily trotting down the road, enjoying the sunshine.  Their partner who was tied to the back of the wagon was enjoying his day a little less.  He was an unwilling participant, trying to plant his feet one minute only to be coaxed forward by his stronger counterparts the next.  While I giggled along behind him, the little horse in training finally came to realize that it was just easier to follow the crowd and started trotting along behind.  It was clear to me that he hadn’t totally given in to peer pressure though. He followed, but he was as far back as he could be, with his neck all stretched out as a way of showing his displeasure.   

Still on the same day, I stopped at an intersection to let a pedestrian cross the road.  He was using the cross walk, so all of the traffic had stopped to let this guy get to the other side safely.  This wouldn’t be an unusual sight, except for the fact that this pedestrian was a big muskrat. Apparently this was a city muskrat, he even knew how to use the cross walk.  I didn’t know we had those.  Muskrats are more commonly seen around dugouts and lakes.  This guy had it figured out though.  He had apparently moved to town so that he would have easier access to the liquor store.  He was headed directly to the one that had advertised their beer  sale in last Friday’s newspaper.  Maybe he had read about it.   I was surprised at all of the traffic that was stopped for him.  It’s totally understandable when traffic backs up for miles because there’s a momma duck trying to get her babies across the highway, but when it’s a rat…..well, lets just say I was surprised.

This was the day that I started telling people that they should come with me everywhere, because I truly do get to see the best things.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the miniature horses or of the rat using the cross walk to get to the liquor store.  However, here are photos of some of the best things that I have seen in the past month.

Cute little fox under our apple trees. This was one of three who were trying to eat my chickens!

As with fox watching, bird watching can be very enjoyable.  Especially when you are hosting very stylish birds like this one, who sports a very trendy mohawk hairstyle…

A chickadee with a mohawk.

As Kelly and I were out driving on the highway one day last week, we saw a few interesting sights.  First there was….

…an entrepreneur using his lawn mower to pick bottles along the highway.  I begged Kelly to turn around and go back so that we could get a picture, because it’s just not every day that you get to see a man using his lawnmower to drive along picking bottles out of the highway ditches.

It’s a good thing she turned around, because we might have missed seeing…

An oversized man on an undersized motorcycle.

A man riding an undersized motorcycle down that very same stretch of highway!  It was a good thing that the camera was already out to get a picture of the lawn mowing bottle picker or we would have missed getting this picture.  Kelly commented ‘look at this guy – he’s not wearing a helmet’.  The fact that he wasn’t wearing a helmet was not the first thing that seemed unique about this scenario.  Perhaps I’m less observant than Kelly is.

At the following intersection, about 1/2 mile down the road, there was a truck yielding to oncoming traffic…

Is that you Boss Hogg?

What a unique hood ornament!  I had to wonder, was that factory installed or was it an after market add-on?  Love it!!

Luckily we now have phones that take pretty good pictures for those times when you aren’t prepared with a camera and you see….

…an elephant walking down the sidewalk.  That was a pretty exciting day!  Who gets to see an elephant going for a walk with out a leash…or something.  What would one use to restrain an elephant?  I’m glad she was friendly and well-trained.  It appeared that she was bothered by little sticks and garbage on the sidewalk because she would stop and pick up every little thing with her trunk, and then she would hand it over to her companion to throw in the garbage.  It was a fantastic thing to see!

Sometimes I think the world is just trying to get me into trouble.  Sometimes the things I see are dirty….

Suitable for who???

 This seems like an odd group to target when you’re selling hay.  I wonder what their requirements are?  Exactly what is it that makes hay suitable for them? 

All melons are beautiful, but these melons are perfect.

Sometimes it’s so hard to be good.  Thankfully I was grocery shopping alone when I saw this, because it would have been difficult to resist calling people over to check out these perfect melons.  Once again, maturity kicked in and I behaved….but first I had to take the picture.

The things that we get to see are magnificent, funny, and sometimes just breath-taking.  Like the sight of the moon rising over our lake pasture…

Very beautiful moonlight reflected on the ice of our lake.

What will you get to see today?

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”  ~ Henry Thoreau



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