It has been said that one of the ways to staying young is to continue learning. Combining continued learning with something we are passionate about and we have an opportunity to be fully in the moment, or in the zone. Time passes but we are not aware of it. Outside concerns and responsibilities are completely set aside or even forgotten about it. Our entire focus is on making that next step, achieving that immediate objective, or taking it to the next level.  And it is hard to transition back to the “real world”. Completely refreshing.  I was able to have such an experience the past two days at a Discovery Horsemanship clinic with Yolanda Garnier.  Yolanda is an accomplished young horsewoman, who is also an excellent instructor.  Not everyone who is skilled in a particular discipline is also able to teach it, but Yolanda definitely can. Her approach is supportive, encouraging, challenging and definitely fun.  Day one was spent building a foundation with our horses on ground work. Day two encompassed a review and then moved on to riding.

On the first day I used my trusty steed, Checkers. But he was a bit sore and it was concluded that I better not ride him the second day. I am extremely fortunate to have more horses to choose from, but I had not actually ridden any of them.  Observed my kids but not ridden them myself.  And with age has come, I like to think wisdom, and some reservations, perhaps even fear. I am not as brave as I once was. Other riders have echoed this sentiment.  And we are now aware of how much more there is to worry about.  Particularly if we are somewhat prone to worrying.  But it had been decided, I needed to ride a different horse. Then upon perusing Pinterest I saw a quote pinned by my oldest daughter, “Do one thing a day that scares you.” Well I definitely do not do one thing a day that scares me. I also don’t think we have to do it daily, but once in awhile we should step outside of the box, push our limits. This is one of the themes of our Inspiring Women Conference.  So I did. I rode Joe, a great horse but one that was totally unfamiliar to me. In fact, under Yolanda’s guidance, I think all of us in the clinic pushed our limits. What an amazing outcome we had with feelings of incredible achievement and mastery.  Loved it.  Excellent learning.

– Kelly

“Do one thing a day that scares you.”


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