Another milestone

What a teenage boy should be driving.

They (anyone with older kids) all warned us how quickly time slips by. Here it has done and happened again. This week, the baby of our house, also known as the little big man, soon to be the youngest but tallest, got his learner’s license. It has taken some work to be sure, and persistence. But now he can legally drive with someone with a GDL (graduated drivers license). Only one sister has this so he anxiously waited for her return from the city. Of course, they needed to go get his good buddy to come to our house. Then, there was absolutely nothing to eat in the house and they were STARVING. No solution but go drive to get some snacks. The girls were pretty excited to get their learners, but he is over the top. Nothing says right of passage for a teenage boy like actually being able to drive. Of course, being on the farm, he has been driving for awhile. And I am pretty comfortable with it, but now I have to remember he has not driven in town before with lots of other traffic, stop signs, lights, pedestrians, four way stops, bicycles, speed bumps. . . he is more used to sharing the road (or field) with tractors, quads, horses, cows and the occasional gopher hole. But he is doing a great job and his excitement is absolutely contagious.

– Kelly


2 responses to “Another milestone

  1. Love your perspective.

  2. I remember learning to drive on country (sandy) narrow roads in old farm trucks. Nice way to start. Sounds like your “baby” is flying fine now.

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