Gator Hunters

As some of you know, there is an obsession in our house with hunting. Let’s just say, you can never have enough camo, or that is what some think. But as we don’t live in the southern bayous, alligators are not something our hunters regularly go after.  But the next best thing or close to it happened this weekend, when we got to host Joe LaFont and his wife Ann from Plaquimines Parish in Louisiana.  Joe, more commonly known as Trapper Joe, is on the Swamp People show on the History Channel.  They came up to these northern parts to speak at Showcase, put on by the Lloydminster Exhibition Association.  There is no other way to put it, Joe is a character. For those who have had a chance to hear Joe speak, you understand that you have to listen closely at first to be sure it is English. I know people say us Canadians have an accent but holy cow do those cajuns  from Louisiana ever have one.  And talk fast. It was pretty exciting for us to meet them and they are delightful. Full of stories and adventures. Some being quite serious as they live close to the Mississippi River and lost their home in Katrina. It was a difficult time but they just picked up the pieces and carried on with a new home that is higher than the old one. When a flood is expected, Joe parks the boat on the trailer at the front step. That way if it does flood he can walk out the front door and get in the boat and go tour around. When I suggested they should have come when it was warmer, he said “No Maam, I really wanted to see the snow.” But despite some glaring differences they are just ordinary folk like us, making a living, raising a family and having some fun.  Albeit ones who have their own t.v. show.

– Kelly


2 responses to “Gator Hunters

  1. Great post, Kelly! Knowing what great hosts you and Mike would have been to your guests, any possibility you two might be invited to be on Swamp People anytime soon??

  2. Go gators! (quickly, no kidding…go for your own good!) Interesting people – bet you heard lots of stories.

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