Feeling Inspired

If you see either Kelly or I in the next few weeks, please excuse our enlarged sense of accomplishment.  You may actually have to step around our heads as you go by.  You see, we are feeling pretty darned fantastic about the results of the first annual Inspiring Women Conference that was held here inLloydminster.

I took some pictures so that we can share a little taste of the day with those of you who missed it. 

The pictures are really, really bad.  I realize this.  Improving my photography skills would be a great idea, but I manage to pull off a good picture often enough to make me think that it’s not necessary to actually learn how to use my camera properly.  Bear with me….

Here is a picture of us setting up for the conference. 

"Just ignore the lady with the camera and maybe she'll go away"

Notice that Meagan, Michelle and Kelly all appear to be doing something constructive.  Notice also the looks that seem to say something like “Put the camera down and help us”. 

Here is a shot of the room as we were setting it up.  It’s interesting to note that Kelly is not a fan of the color purple, and she thinks that the word ‘Inspiring’ is overused.  I really appreciate the way she tolerates my opinions on … well, everything!

Chairs and tables stacked and ready for the participants of the Inspiring Women Conference.

On the morning of the conference, we found ourselves busy checking on last minute things, excited to see how the day would turn out.  It turned out to be just fabulous!

We began the day at 9AM with a panel discussion.  The panel featured four inspiring women who are local to Lloydminster.

Leona's turn to tell her story.

 The panel was followed by three concurrent breakout sessions.  Breakout ‘A’ was financial planning ~ 

Your Future By Design - by RBC

Breakout ‘B’ was a workshop to help us create balance within our daily lives. 









Somehow, I never managed to get a photo of it, but there was a third breakout that was featuring nutrition and fitness.  The nutrition aspect encouraged participants to seek out proper nutrition for their own body type, avoiding fad diets and trying to focus on healthy eating.  The fitness portion of this breakout showed us how easy it can be to incorporate fitness into our busy everyday routines. 

After a fantastic homemade lunch and some quick image tips, we were motivated and entertained by our keynote speaker Linda Edgecombe.

Linda Edgecombe - the most obvious choice for our first keynote speaker.

Linda was very thought provoking, and so very funny.  What a great way to finish off a long day of learning! 

All smiles!

We are so thankful to the sponsors, the participants, the facilitators, the people who featured their business displays, and the volunteers for helping to present the first annual Inspiring Women conference. 

It was a long day of being graceful and poised, so as the last people were filing out….in fact some hadn’t actually reached the other side of the door…

Some of our friends and supporters ‘broke out the bubbly’ to celebrate.  OK, in this case ‘the bubbly’ is beer but that’s how we like it!

Mark your calendars for February 2013.  We have already started planning!  See you there!







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