Wow 30 Years

I remember a number of years ago hearing that times had changed and people no longer worked at the same job for their entire career, but to expect to have a number of different positions. This has definitely proven true with the myriad of opportunities available. But there are still exceptions and the Big Guy at my house is one of them. He was honored on the weekend for 30 years of service with the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association. Hard to believe.  Many, many changes in that time. Marriage, three fabulous kids,  the Saskatchewan Building, new horse rings, renovations, parking lots, various boards, so many many events – fairs, bull sales, stock shows, conventions, concerts , musical rides, chuckwagons, trade shows,  trips, parties,  4H shows.  Of course the recent expansion to the Exhibition Grounds.  And most importantly, people. Along the way, he has had the opportunity to work with and meet an incredible number of great people. Our hats off to you Mike for 30 fantastic years. You have done an amazing job and we could not be more proud!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” – Confucius

– Kelly


2 responses to “Wow 30 Years

  1. Hooray for Mike from here, too.
    The Confucius quote states that truth better than I’ve heard before.

  2. Congrats Mike, the place would probably fall apart without you!

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