Spatchcock Chicken

We are lucky enough to have access to local, free range chicken. I am not the most creative cook when it comes to roast chicken and I rarely remember to take it out of the deep freeze in time to have it totally thawed to cut up into chicken pieces. But I have discovered the Spatchcock chicken technique which is somewhat like a cross between the two methods.

An important tool in this process is the kitchen/poultry shears. I have tried it with the big guys’s fish fileting knife but the shears work much better.

All you have to do is cut out the backbone of the chicken. I usually start at the tail and then cut straight down the back , then from the other end cut back to the tail.  Lay it cut side down, breast up, in the roasting pan and push down to flatten it out. Sometimes I have seen them put some type of oven friendly weight on it but I have never done this. Season as usual and roast. It takes less time to cook and is easier to cut up once it is cooked. It is super tasty and a nice twist on roast chicken.



4 responses to “Spatchcock Chicken

  1. finally you ladies have come up with one that I think I could probably pull off!
    *** side note ~ LOVE the blog!

  2. Okay girls, I’m all for sharing your favorite recipes and kitchen hints with us blog followers but opening up my inbox to see that chicken laid bare was a bit much – particularily given that it followed hard on the heels of Tara’s no holds barred discourse on veterinarian procedures. I have a new strategy about my devotion to cowtrailsandponytales – never while snacking and never on a full stomach…

  3. great ideas – probably really shortens cooking time

  4. The Lovely Terra Weaver

    I love this post. I am doing my best to remain mature about the name. I am also doing my best to remain mature in not commenting about the naked chicken pictures. Love it! I’m going to try this recipe next.

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