Spring in January

I’m a sucker!

It was the last day of Christmas break.  The temperature was a balmy +10 degrees Celsius. 

Not your typical outdoor clothing choice on the prairies in January.

I woke up, went downstairs and loudly proclaimed to the family.  “Today I am finishing this book if it kills me.  I don’t care if you all have to make your own meals and do all the chores yourselves, I am unavailable because I am reading today”.

You see, two months ago I started a book that is the first of a series that my husband really likes.  I tried reading it once a few years ago, decided that it was terrible and didn’t get past the first 10 pages.  Since then, friends of mine have read the series and loved it.  They are frequently at our door asking for Ron – not me – so that they can borrow another one of his books.  This made me jealous.  This made me think that I had missed out on something by not finishing his dumb book, so I tried again.

It was difficult.  Once I got through the first 10 chapters which were dedicated to describing officers, centurions, roman battles and sword making, I had invested too much of my valuable time to stop reading.

All through the Christmas break I would sit and try to become engrossed in what I was reading, only to quickly become distracted by something else.  Like TV or a bag of chips. 

So today was the day, I was near the end of the book, and in spite of myself I had come to enjoy the story that was being told near the back of the book so I knew I could do it.  I knew I could hold that fleeting attention span of mine until the book was finished.

That’s when the announcement was made.  My husband said to our daughter – ‘why don’t you invite some friends, and I’ll take you all skating at the lake pasture today.’  Our teenaged son agreed that this was a great idea and he would load the quad into the back of his truck and pull the kids around on toboggans.

How could anyone resist those smiles?

I love these people, but sometimes they really suck.  This sounded like way more fun than reading a book that I don’t like….all alone….without anyone to watch me suffering for the sake of continued marital bliss. 

Let me mention again that it was + 10 degrees Celsius.  In January.  In the Prairies.  A fact that doesn’t come without it’s required amount of worrying over pastures, crops, dugouts and drought….but once we had spent enough time exploring what possible negative effects these extremely warm temperatures and total lack of snow could have on ourselves and our neighbors, we decided that these were things that were beyond our control.  So let’s go and have some fun.

No snow = no shovelling required!

In spite of myself I had to join in.  I couldn’t find my skates though, a fact that I tried to keep hidden from my kids after having given many years of prolonged lectures on ‘if you would put things away, you would know where they are when you need them.’  I give these lectures free of charge.  I do it because I enjoy the look on their faces when they have that ‘aha’ moment, that realization that they aren’t leaving this house without listening to my wisdom for another 20 to 25 minutes on the merits of being organized, having goals, or whatever the present situation calls for.  I do it because I love them.

The kids, (having benefitted from my many years of free lectures), quickly found their skates and headed out to the lake pasture to enjoy +10 Celsius on January the 8th in the prairies.

Because playing crack the whip with your brother isn't fast enough....it's OK though, they have a 'spotter'.

 The lake was frozen, we had checked the ice for safety by driving trucks and Jeeps onto it….but due to the warm temperatures it was wet.  The kind of wet that makes you look more like you’ve been swimming than skating.

Where's your sock?

Oh! There it is! In a tree.....

And when hanging your sock in a tree doesn’t quite do the trick…


It was a fantastic day. 

Crack the whip Dad!!

What started out to be a few hours at the lake pasture turned into the entire day at the lake pasture. 

A clothesline to dry the wet stuff so we can go out again.

Finally, there were no more dry clothes, and the kids were tired enough to allow us to head home.

A great way to spend the last day of Christmas break.

So, with the full moon rising over the bay we said goodbye and thanks for the day.

And guess what?  I still finished that book. 
“It is better to play than do nothing” – Confucius

2 responses to “Spring in January

  1. Just want to mention, your new camera is taking really good pictures. Or I should say, you with your new camera.

  2. Well thank you! It’s a Nikon Coolpix L120. It is taking some getting used to, but I think I’m going to like it. LOTS of zoom, and it takes regular AA batteries.

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