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As the new year starts, one of the tasks on my to do list is to get a new digital camera. Prior to this I have been using one of the girls point and shoot Canon Elfs.  But it is time to move up. Not to that of a professional photographer, but to one with more capabilities. In a former life I used to take a lot of pictures, back before digital. And I have a great 35mm but I want something from the digital age. So my question is, does anyone have recommendations? I need a place to start. Give me some suggestions. Please and thanks.



3 responses to “Quick Question

  1. Try Future Shop they have a great selection of Canon and Nikon digitals, Nikon being my favorite… Jim

  2. We have a Canon Rebel and we really like it, I know that a friend has the updated version so it is more compact and easier to carry with you. User friendly and great with action photos.( kids sports and horse events). Hope this helps.

  3. Ok… I`ve put a ridiculous amount of thought into this and… If you want something you`probably won`t grow out of for quite a long time go with the Canon T2i or T3i. Both are DSLR so you can buy different lenses depending on what you`re interested in. And both take HD video as well.

    The controls are pretty diverse too, you can shoot anywhere from full auto to full manual depending on how creative you want to get.

    There`s about a $200.00 price differnece but the only major improvements that Canon made to the T3i was in the video department. You`d be pretty safe going with the T2i and saving a bit of cash.

    So I guess in the end I`d say get the T2i. Lol… sorry it took me a while to get around to the point there.

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