After All These Years, Beef is Good For You!

You are not going to believe this but I just came across an article on the Womens Health magazine website,, referring to a study done that shows that eating lean beef can actually reduce cholesterol. After so many years of getting a bad rap from the medical community it looks like the tables have turned.

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The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and followed patients on a “healthy” American diet; the DASH diet which focusses on fruits and veggies and is widely recommended to reduce cholesterol and two  diets including lean beef.  All diets had the same number of calories. The findings revealed that the “healthy American diet” had no impact on cholesterol but the DASH and diets including LEAN BEEF all lowered cholesterol.  Those of us in the industry have long believed that lean beef is a healthy protein that is good for you. Beef is a complete protein with 20 amino acids and is rich with iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Now it looks like the medical opinion may be coming full circle.

“High Cholesterol? Try Some Beef,” Headline from Womens Health magazine.



One response to “After All These Years, Beef is Good For You!

  1. So agree. It helps if the beef is grass/pasture fed and not loaded with antibiotics…but we can’t all live on the range. In any case, lean beef, yummy.

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