Kelly Is Pregnant Again!!

I know it’s kind of surprising to hear this. 

She’s getting older, but apparently everything’s still working.  Secretly I was kind of hoping that this wouldn’t happen again for her.  She gets so grumpy when she has her babies, it can be almost dangerous to be around her.  She has been known to run at people and try to hit them when she has a new baby….me included!  I’ll admit I felt a little hurt when she ran at me and tried to bash me with her head.  I do a lot for her!

There’s no avoiding it now though, Kelly has a new baby on the way.  She’s due sometime next spring, so I might as well get excited about helping her if she needs it.  Thankfully, she’s never needed help with any of her other babies so we all just give her some space for a few days until she calms down and will let us come and check on her.  Have I mentioned that she’s kind of crazy?

She hasn’t got the best genetics either.  If you’ve ever seen Kelly you know that she’s pretty short.  Short and grumpy, that’s our Kelly.  However, even though she’s quite vertically challenged, her offspring seem to grow very well.  They all have grown to be taller than her, and even though some of them are still a bit shorter than their peers when they mature, they are all strong with a good amount of muscle.  I have to admit that even though she’s short, Kelly has great calves.  Nice calves aren’t often found on one as short as Kelly.

Kelly is a cow.  No really, I’m referring to a bovine creature, not my friend and fellow blogger Kelly.  Isn’t it funny that we happen to have a cow named after her?  Most would be insulted by this, but Kelly (the person) sees the humor in how the cow came to have her name and I think she’s OK with it.  If she’s not, it’s too late now; the cow has been Kelly for about 5 years.

Kelly the cow came to have her name one spring day when my son and I were driving around checking on our calves during a snow storm.  Kelly had already calved and upon our approach she picked her head up and stared very intently at us….daring us to come any closer.  She had to kind of stretch her neck way up to look at us; I think it was her attempt to look bigger and more intimidating.  It worked.

Kelly the cow.


My son said, “I don’t know why, but that cow reminds me of Kelly”.  Well let me tell you, I didn’t care about the why.  That was just the funniest thing ever and her name stuck instantly. 

She definitely doesn’t fit in with our herd very well.  She’s short and kind of funny looking – I’m talking about the cow here….  I’m sure we would have sent her down the road a few years ago, but I think her name is what keeps her on our farm.

So congratulations old girl on getting knocked up once again!!  I hope that you will  wish us luck as we calve out Kelly the cow again this spring.  It’s always an adventure!

“I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Author of “Women Who Run with the Wolves”





4 responses to “Kelly Is Pregnant Again!!

  1. You are blessed on two fronts: one, that Kelly the human has such a terrific sense of humour and two, that you are such a great story-teller.
    Thanks for another great belly laugh in the middle of an otherwise trying day!!!

  2. Cows can be kinda endearing…in their own bovine way. Smoochies to Kelly. (although you can’t get attached to them…hard really.)

  3. Thanks Linnie. I have to admit I was laughing a little at this story myself! Glad you liked it, and I hope your trying day gets better.

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