Happy Halloween!!

Are you finished carving your pumpkins?  I never know when we are supposed to do this.  There are people who have carved pumpkins at their door weeks before Halloween.  I don’t know about you, but the day after Halloween, our pumpkin looks a bit raisin like…..curled in teeth…..lid fell into the head and caught on fire….old candle wax dribbling out of the mouth….

I’m not sure what other people do differently to make their pumpkins last that long.  Maybe they bring them inside at night, or feed them some special potion.  That’s a bit too involved for us.  Our dog is lucky if she gets let in at night, we certainly aren’t going to put that much effort into a pumpkin.

If you are still looking for some creative Jack-O-Lantern ideas, here are some carvings that we have tried in the past.

Let’s start with last years’ creations which paid homage to our sons’ favorite football teams.  It would be nice if they cheered for the same team….but the rivalry is pretty entertaining too.

Hey guys - pose for me with your pumpkins OK? That's great!

Why do our sons’ photo sessions often end like this…..

....see, this is why we can't have nice things....

 I blame their father.

If the sports teams don’t appeal to you, you could try the classic pumpkin with a barfy little twist.

Or another favorite of mine – the Halloween Full Moon:

This one was really great, because dressed in my son’s clothing it really looked like he was there mooning people.  He thought it was a bit immature.  I think he can sometimes be a little stuffy.

We found another creepy idea on the internet….

And here is another year with the same general idea….

Yes, our daughter appears to be dressed up as a cowboy for many years in a row. 

I hope we’ve given you some ideas for your Jack-O-Lantern this year.  What we lack in artistic talent we make up for with creepy ideas.  That’s just part of what makes us fun!

Have a spooky Halloween!!

“I’ll bet living on a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween”  – Unknown



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