Bits and Pieces

A never ending challenge of mine has been properly cooking a roast of beef. As a beef producer this has been particularly frustrating. After all, shouldn’t those of us producing it be able to create gourmet quality dishes. Well I have discovered a tool that goes a long way to helping. Many of you may already use one but if you don’t you should. It is a meat thermometer. But no ordinary one. I have tried those before. This one has a probe and a cord so it can stay in the meat the entire time. And you can see the exact temperature on the display which is on the outside of the oven. As the meat still cooks when you take it out of the oven, this allows you to take it out five to ten degrees before the desired temperature. Don’t forget to let it rest for ten minutes. It is fabulous. The one I got is a TruTemp and I purchased it at the Tipsy Chef store in Lloydminster. It was reasonably priced and I can’t wait until I can use it more.


Cool new show. There is an interesting new food show on t.v. called The Chew. This show on ABC celebrates and explores life through food. There is a group of co-hosts cooking and sharing stories. For those of you foodies it is worth checking out.



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