2nd Annual Harvest Feastival

When Terra and I made a list of some cool things we would like to do, one of them was to be part of a local food event. Here, in Lloydminster. A result of that was the 1st Annual Harvest Feastival that we helped to put together along with the Lloydminster Exhibition Association.

We had attended a few food events that were held in other major centers, and took the ideas that we thought would work to develop our Feastival. In 2010 we had a number of different food stations; beef, bison, turkey, pork, chicken, lamb and veggies, along with a great dessert and wine station. Each meat entrée also had a fabulous side dish. All of the food was prepared by the Lloydminster Exhibition’s own chef, and was served by local celebrities such as our mayor and local radio announcers. The entrance ticket gave participants a number of tokens that they could use at the stations of their choice. The food was fabulous and it was all produced locally.

It was a great evening and we can’t wait for this year’s Feastival, on November 2 at the Exhibition Grounds. Tickets can be purchased at Tuvilla, Weir Veterinary Clinic, Fabricland and the Lloydminster Exhibition Office. They are $25 each.

It’s not often that you can enjoy gourmet food, artisan wine, and the company of  friends while supporting your local producers for $25.  See you there!

– Kelly


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