You know you are a redneck when . . .

Over the years, there have been a number of times when one or more of our kids has proudly made this comment at our house. Like the time when  we have company over and the evening’s entertainment ends up in a shooting competition off the back deck.  I still can’t believe that happened. Or when a chunk of leftover carpet is tied behind the lawnmower and pulled around for hours of riding enjoyment. Some called this the magic carpet ride.  At one of our homes there has been jumping off the roof onto the trampoline antics.  Always, safety first! I think the latest, does top the charts in terms of creativity and entertainment. It involves, the quad, the gt racer, a long rope and the pond. Oh, and of course kids to participate. There is often a number willing to participate. And if not there are some to take pictures and video the event. Some have called it redneck water skiing.

It was initiated when the Ontario cousins were here but has been repeated since then. I don’t know where the boys come up with these ideas. Perhaps, some of the highly educational shows they watch, or just those good old teenage boy brains.  Anyway, this event is one of the funniest things you have seen. Truly lol.  They have even tried it with two on the gt.  The back guy ended up falling off and dragging on his belly. Sometimes they make it across. Sometimes they don’t. Nothing like a little swim to refresh oneself, in the pond. They definitely get points for creativity and the ability to amuse themselves and the onlookers. Then there was the modified baseball game that involved the clay pigeon thrower and shovels. Just let me say no one was hurt.   Some who know us will also have witnessed appliances outside on the deck.  It is probably good we live in the country.

– Kelly

Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth – Erma Bombeck


2 responses to “You know you are a redneck when . . .

  1. oh my… the appliances, I had ALMOST forgot… you should inform those that don’t know that they were all the same appliance… yes all… I think there was 3?? Didn’t the cats live in one for a while? 😉

  2. Oh my Gawd I love that picture. In my effort to worry about everything I do need to ask why they aren’t wearing lifejackets when riding a GT across the dugout, but whatever. I can see that you had two highly skilled lifeguards at the ready if they were needed… to take pictures. Hilarious!

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