Boys of Fall


Not the first boys of fall you may think of, and we have some of the others at our houses as well, but at this time of year with the fabulous foliage I had to share some of these pictures. 


 Fall has got to be my favorite time of year. It also makes me truly happy to live in a place that has four distinct seasons.  The temperature is usually perfect, not too hot (except yesterday) , not too cold. With any luck, gentle warm breezes. And fabulous fall colors.

Checkers - the wonder horse!

The colorful foliage marks the end of the growing season, harvest in one form or another for those of us in agriculture.  The days are noticably shorter and nights are cooler.


Many of you are already working outside, but for those of you who aren’t take the opportunity (or make the opportunity) to go for a walk and enjoy the season. After all it won’t be long before the next one comes.

– Kelly

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus


3 responses to “Boys of Fall

  1. Thanks Kelly. I had similar thoughts about the wonders of this season on my drive to St. Paul Court this morning with the beautiful colours, the swaths in the fields, and the perfect temperatures. Unfortunately, the only pictures I would have to share with you from MY morning would have been the inside of an overly packed courtroom full of broken families, harried court clerks, and a group of lawyers all scrambling to get their files to the top of the list…I like the horsies better!

  2. Only yesterday I was slowing down to admire the leaves. We only get these beautiful colors for such a short time.

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