Drill Team

I love it when our kids are lucky enough to have some great experiences with truly special leaders and coaches. Experiences that they will always look back on with great memories. One such experience for our girls has been the Valley C Riders Drill Team that performs at the opening of the CPCA Chuckwagon Finals in Lloydminster in August.  This is Chuckwagon Week in Lloydminster and the girls will perform five times. Over the last two months they have spent many hours practicing under the expert coaching of Judy Noble. There are twelve girls and they have learned two routines this year. Last night was Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night as a tribute to breast cancer and the girls, and their horses, followed the theme.


The girls are doing an excellent job. Some times things go like clockwork and sometimes they don’t. There is a lot of excitement going on with flags, music, loudspeakers, crowds, wagons, horns, and crowds of people.  They are a great group of young  horsewomen, who have a lot of support from family and friends. We can’t forget their sponsor Bob Campbell, from Valley C Construction. He is always, always, there to help no matter what situation arises.

Hats off to the girls!



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