One Hundred Stories

For those of you who are counting – this is our 100th post!! 

That's a lot of fence posts...

Who would have ever thought that we would have this much to say??  Don’t answer that.

It was decided that this post should be something special….something exciting….something memorable…..

So to mark our 100th post we are announcing our first big event –

Cowgirl Yoga!

We have read about other Cowgirl Yoga retreats, but they all involved travelling with our horses to exotic locals like Montana and North Dakota, and sometimes even further than that.  In order to explore our own local resources and to cut down on the travel time  (anyone who has been in a vehicle with me for more than one hour will understand), we have decided to take the bull by the horns and create our own event right here.

Operating under the name ‘KT and Company’ we have created a retreat that is truly unique.  We will enjoy guided trail rides through the natural woodlands of Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan.  We will have two separate yoga sessions with a very accomplished yoga instructor – the yoga is for the cowgirls, not the horses….although in my case it might be easier for my horse to touch his toes than for me to.  We will enjoy gourmet dining and picnic fare, and most of all we will enjoy each other’s company for two days and a night at a luxurious lodge.

Does that not sound like the best thing ever?

The really great part about planning something like this for yourself and your friends is that you can make it be exactly what you want.   Which is great for someone who likes to be in control…..someone who doesn’t easily hand over the reins….someone like Kelly.   (I’m checking to see if she reads this post….don’t tell her I said that).

Here is the poster that we created for our first annual retreat:

It should be said that actually, we didn’t create this poster.  Kelly’s daughter created it from a picture that my daughter took.  I am starting to get a bit of grief from my girl for not giving her photo credit in our blog.  Both girls deserve credit for being so talented. 

We are very excited for this event.  I have no doubt that we will be creating some great memories and very ‘bloggable’ moments.

Another shameless plug…..

Stay tuned also for the Lloydminster Exhibition Association’s second annual ‘Harvest Feastival’ on November 2, 2011.  Feastival is an informal banquet featuring food which has all been sourced from local producers.  Last year we had beef, chicken, turkey, bison, pork, cheese, sausage, wine, vegetables, rice, and more that was all purchased from producers in our area.  We even had homemade buns that were made with flour ground by hand from wheat grown near Lloydminster!  The turnout and reviews were fantastic, so we’re doing it again.  Kelly and I work with the Exhibition Association as volunteers for this event, but we feel like we own it. 

We are having so much fun creating and living these stories, and we are so grateful that there are people like you who want to hear about what we are doing.

Thanks for enjoying our stories, and we are excited to write the next 100….and the next 100…

“How old are your stories?”  – Linda Edgecombe

<Terra and Kelly>


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