PEI Mussels

We are clearly hitting the big time, because today Cowtrails and Pony Tales will be featuring a guest blogger.

This is a recipe that came from Taylor, our unrelated family member who was visiting last week from PEI. 

I have never attempted to cook mussels before, because being a prairie girl, they look a bit weird and smell a bit different and I was pretty sure I would food poison anyone in my attempts to learn to cook them.

Turns out it’s really no big deal….here’s the recipe:

All the ingredients:  mussels, carrots, onions, fresh garlic, Montreal steak spice, and 1/2 bottle of beer.

What it should look like prior to cooking.  Mix all in a large pot, bring to a boil reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes.

What it should look like during the cooking process.

Ready to eat!

I got to the lake after Taylor and our son had cooked up this feast, so had it cold out of the fridge.  I have to say, even at 11:00 PM and cold out of the fridge this was really delicious.

I shared it with some other family who were visiting.  Our cousin Dominica is also from the Maritimes and is a very talented and passionate cook.  She loved it as well! 

It was 11:30 PM and Dominica and I were in the kitchen making Tiramisu, drinking wine, (actually Dominica was making Tiramisu and I was mostly just drinking wine ),and furtively eating the mussels behind the counter so that no one would see us and ask us to share. 

I have no idea of what possessed her to look, but Dominica discovered that the PEI mussels had been packaged at our grocery store in Alberta 10 days before……..

I instantly had a belly ache, but we finished eating them anyway and  I am very pleased to announce that there were no adverse side effects to eating the very very old mussels.  Maybe the wine helped.

It was delicious, and I can’t wait to try to cook them myself.  Maybe tonight!

Taylor went back to PEI this morning.  We miss him already.




2 responses to “PEI Mussels

  1. looks great. I’ve never cooked mussels before but may give it a try.

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