Swiss Chard

I love Swiss Chard. To make it even better I have a great crop of it growing in my raised bed garden. Often, I just saute or steam it and sprinkle with lemon juice. But I found inspiration on and jazzed it up.

I chopped one half an onion and used three cloves of minced garlic.

These were sauteed for a few minutes in a bit of butter and oil. I then added the chopped Swiss Chard.

It was tasty. Or so I thought. Whatever you do, don’t ask the kids at my house for their opinion on it.

– Kelly


One response to “Swiss Chard

  1. I know it’s tasty, but have you had a really good look at that last picture?
    Can’t wait to try it. Maybe you should serve it when we come for supper one night….it would serve me right for being such a smart a$$.

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